Feb 03 2005

The case of the mysterious disappearing entry…

For some reason, the entry I made last night about my apartment looking and smelling like the repair shop of a large Schwinn dealership keeps disappearing and then reappearing from the blog.  At first I suspected Dr. Darling had removed it as a joke, but then it turned up again when I refreshed my browser. It’s popped in and out several times since then…so I’m not exactly sure what’s going on.

In the meantime, I keep forgetting to mention that Dr. Darling has borrowed a Swedish copy of Michael Moore’s "Dude, Who Stole my Country?" from the library.  In Swedish the title is, "Vem Har Snott Mitt Land?" which, oddly enough, would actually sound appropriate to native English speaker even if they didn’t know the first thing about Swedish. Talk about linguistic karma.

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