Feb 04 2005

Time flies when you’re working hard…

Another crazy week comes to a close…I can’t believe how quickly time is passing these days. At this rate it will be Spring before I know it! In which case I suppose it’s a good thing that Dr. Darling has now moved on to annual maintenance and tire rotation on my bike. So I *still* don’t have the livingroom back, but at least the smell of solvent has dissapated a bit.

While disassembling my little blue Trek, Dr. Darling noticed that some soldering on one side of the back bike-rack was broken and she actually said that I may need to get a new bike before we tour again this summer. LOL! She’s honestly not the type to suggest that an entire bicycle be replaced just because the back rack is broken, it’s just that we’ve been talking about getting me a new bike ever since the first tour of Denmark in 2003.

My "current ride" is a hybrid mountain/road bike with 26-inch wheels, which means I pretty much have to work half again as hard to keep up with her on her touring bike with 28 inch wheels. It also happens to be over 15 years old…and let’s just say both technology and materials have improved ALOT since then. Until now we haven’t had the money to even *think* about buying a new one…but now it actually is an option. So Dr. Darling‘s suggestion really wasn’t that far out of left field. I just wish bikes weren’t so darn expensive here.

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