Feb 08 2005

A 12-Step Program for Progressives?

I recently read an article on Alternet in which I recognized myself…and realized that maybe some others could benefit from the ideas expressed in it.  Here’s a preview and a link to the full article:

A Progressive 12-step Program

By Bob Burnett, AlterNet.

Since the presidential election, many activists have lapsed into depression, believing that they are powerless to stop the wholesale destruction of the American dream by the Bush administration.

We find ourselves stuck in an abusive relationship with George Bush and his cronies. This abuse is clearly evident in Iraq with its horrendous images of prisoner torture and daily TV feeds of civilian casualties. It is also shown in the administration’s disdain for the American needy, as well as in its gleeful willingness to pillage our natural resources. Like all chronic abusers, Bush and company are obsessed with power, willing to do anything to retain it, even if this means running roughshod over human rights.

As progressives struggle to regain their footing and mount an effective defense of democracy, we must recognize that Americans are trapped in this abusive relationship. To escape it we will need our own version of a 12-step program, beginning with the recognition that we feel powerless in the face of the Bush aggression, and that this has profoundly impacted our lives, made them to some extent, unmanageable.

The complete article is available here.

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