Feb 09 2005

The early bird gets the cheese.

The cafeteria at my company serves a cheap, simple (and typically Swedish) breakfast every day. This is very handy for folks who can’t get themselves organized enough to eat something before they leave for work in the morning (like me).

The main feature of the menu is savory bread rolls that have been split, buttered and topped with either a slice of cheese, ham or some kind of mysterious sausage that has a sour after-taste. (Dr. Darling eats this stuff at home, too, but I have no idea what it is.) Needless to say, the ones with cheese are the most popular. To this you can add freshly sliced tomato and cucumber, or weirdly enough, orange marmalade.

Now because these open-faced sandwiches are brought in each day from a local restaurant, there is a limited supply and the cheese-topped ones are ALWAYS snapped up first. In fact, if you don’t get to the cafeteria within five minutes of it opening, you’re pretty much guaranteed to get stuck with ham or sour sausage. (And sometimes the last couple sour sausage ones don’t get sold at all and end up being thrown away.)

What I don’t understand is why the restaurant does not adjust the numbers of each type they provide so there are more available with cheese…and not just because I’m disappointed when I don’t get a cheese one, but because they could clearly sell a lot more of them.

But then again, based on what I know about the Swedish service culture, my guess is that it just hasn’t occurred to them.

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