Feb 14 2005

The Weekend Report

I discovered on Friday night that it is possible to really enjoy a taped Superbowl game even if you already know the outcome. Just add the right mix of fun people, tailgait-type food and the proper ratio of gin and tonic and you’ve got the makings of a wonderful party!

We got a nice little snowstorm on Saturday afternoon…and when I say little I mean it resulted in about three-inches of the white stuff, total. But this is actually a pretty good covering for Malmรถ where the ground temperature is usually too warm for the snow to stick. Still, one has to worry a little bit when three inches of snow can knock out the cable TV (I was NOT a happy camper) and cause delays in the public transportation system. (I’m not kidding about this.)

And on a final note…a very web-savvy friend of mine sent me an e-mail on Friday suggesting that I probably shouldn’t mention that I’d written a blog entry while attending a meeting at work. She also sent a link to a news story about people who had been fired for complaining about their jobs in their blogs.

I thought long and hard about this over the weekend and decided to let my entry about Swedes and their love of meetings stand. This is because I wasn’t actually "complaining" about the meetings…just noting that there were a lot more of them than I ever encountered in my many years of gainful employment in the U.S. And also because I wrote the entry during the other Swedish workplace institution that is the Compulsory Coffeebreak (AKA "fika) while all of my colleagues were eating cake.

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