Feb 16 2005

More “tails” from the commute…

My commute to work involves both a bus and a train. Okay, technically the entire journey door-to-door involves an eight-minute walk, a 12-minute bus ride, a 38-minute train ride, and then another eight-minute walk. This is the most efficient option (via public transportation at least) because the wait at the Central Station (between the bus and the train) is only seven minutes.

When it works, I am in my office building an hour and 13 minutes after I leave the apartment … give or take one or two minutes. And thankfully, it works most of the time. But if the bus is running late or very slowly (when there’s three inches of snow, for instance), and I miss my train, it’s a 30+ minute wait until the next one.

Today the bus was running late. (In fact, I’m not sure that particular bus ever showed up at all.) But fortunately, one of My Favorite Neighbors was driving by and saw me waiting there (in the cold) and offered to drop me by the Central Station on her way to Lund. So I made my train…but barely. And I even managed to get a seat in the Quiet Car despite being one the last people on the train.

Now here comes the fun part. I took a seat across from a woman who had her bag in the seat next to her and appeared to have put her coat under her seat and the little table between her seats an mine. Now this struck me as a little odd, but I was just glad to get the seat and had no trouble keeping my feet clear of her coat. Then one stop away from mine the coat MOVED. Turns out it was indeed a coat…but it was on a dog! And a fairly large dog, too! (Did I mention that it was cold?)

What I can’t figure out is why people think it’s okay to bring animals in the Quiet Car…though I have to admit this dog was VERY quiet. In fact, even if a conductor had come by to check tickets (they are always CONSPICUOUSLY ABSENT whenever someone is blatantly breaking the rules) he/she probably wouldn’t even have noticed this particular dog. Hell, I didn’t even notice it and I was sitting right on top of it!

Though later I did realize that my feet had been really nice and warm the entire ride!

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