Feb 18 2005

Why do I rarely blog on Thursdays?

Appropos of nothing really, I’ve recently noticed (courtesy of the little archive calendar in the upper-left sidebar) that Thursdays seem to go entry-free alot here at ShazzerSpeak.  I have no idea why this is…it’s not even a particularly good TV night.

That little calendar would also seem to indicate that weekends are being neglected as well of late…which is even more of a mystery to me than Thursdays.  But I’m pretty sure the pattern won’t be changing much this weekend since I just got a proof-reading gig with a very short deadline and we will be travelling north tomorrow to celebrate our nephew’s birthday. (Yep…nothing more exciting than a one-year-old’s birthday party!)  Depending on the weather, we may just go up for the day…which is ALWAYS my preference.  And the freelance job should give me a little more ammunition for pressing Dr. Darling to make it a day-trip instead of an over-nighter. (It’s nothing against my Swedish in-laws…I just don’t sleep well when we’re there.)

So as there’s not likely to  be much new material posted here in the next couple days, I invite you to scroll through the sidebars, check out the links and the moon phase, maybe leven eave a note on the blogboard…especially of you know what "waxing gibbous" means.

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