Feb 21 2005

Ponder with me, won’t you?

This week is “sportlöv” in the Swedish school system … which is basically the equivalent of “Spring Break” for students here, except that Spring isn’t even a speck on the horizon yet.

And because the kids are out of school, lots of families are on vacation this week … which means there are plenty of seats to be had on both the bus and the train during my commute to and from work.

So I’m wondering why there were no less than three (count ’em, 3) ticket-takers on the train on my way home from the office tonight, while on Saturday, when the train up to Halmstad was Standing-Room-Only with a significant population of unaccompanied small children and at least a half-dozen large dogs, there was only ONE. It simply defies logic.

When I mentioned this to Dr. Darling, her response was that it’s more expensive to employ people at the weekends because they get higher wages for working outside of “regular” business hours (which would make sense if a public transportation entity was a 9-to-5 type of operation). But I have a hard time believing that the lone and harried ticket guy on Saturday made more than the combined wages of the two “extra” people who were working tonight.

A weekday train full of tired commuters can easily be handled by one ticket-taker … a Saturday train full of tourists with huge suitcases and families with strollers (and crying babies), not to mention obnoxious teen-agers and overly-excited animals, needs at least two if not three. Some days I really think that the patients are in charge of the asylum.

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