Feb 23 2005

So NOT fair!!!

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only thing worse than having a cold is living with someone else who has a cold.

Dr. Darling thought she might have been coming down with one last night (while I was absolutely certain that I was) and tonight she’s sneezing, snotting and snorting right along with me. (So much for my dreams of coming home from work and being pampered.)

Worse yet, neither one of us is especially pleasant to be around while we’re sick … so between feeling lousy and the full moon, we’re lucky if we can manage a civil word to each other.

Now we’ve turned to the tried-and-true combo of Echinacea and hot alcohol-based beverages. I’m having a variation on a Hot Toddy and the Swede is enjoying warm milk with a generous shot of Baileys Irish Cream. I’m not certain it will actually help cure us, but at least we’ll be in better moods!

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