Feb 26 2005

Hell hath no fury like a cold ignored…

So after three days of “playing through the pain” I’ve finally given in to it.

I’m home today (and not being paid, dammit!), but only because I promised my boss that I wouldn’t come in to the office unless I was feeling significantly better this morning. I wasn’t…in fact I woke up coughing with appears to be an ibuprofen-resistant headache. She tried to get me to go home yesterday afternoon but I resisted, and quite frankly I think she would have been pretty unhappy with me if I showed up today. South African Nic suggested that I could avoid the hit to my paycheck by taking today as a paid holiday…but then I’d lose a vacation day, so I figure either way, I’m screwed.

Then, to add insult to injury, the digital cable is playing up (and it’s not even snowing!) so I can’t watch the weekday morning shows on The Discovery Channel that are really the only decent thing on this time of day. So I’m comforting myself with a big bowl of Cap’n Crunch courtesy of a care package from the USA, where salaried employees get paid sick days!

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