Feb 27 2005

Solo Sunday morning…

Dr. Darling drove Elsa back up to Halmstad yesterday afternoon, and given that I’m still recovering from my cold (and the fact that we were just up there last weekend), I decided to stay home and get a head start on de-hairing the apartment. Elsa always leaves a thick trail of short coarse black hair when she visits…but right now she’s shedding her soft winter undercoat which is so light that it floats…which means it’s EVERYWHERE. And even more maddeningly, it is proving to be somewhat vacuum-cleaner-resistant.

So I’ve got the apartment all to myself at the moment, which is usually a good thing. But given that weekends are the only time we get to spend quality time together without having to watch a clock, I would have much preferred that Dr. Darling take Elsa home on a weekday. But had she done that, my spendthrift Swede would not have been able to use my commuter card for the train trip home. Now there are lots of times when I really appreciate what a consciencious consumer Dr. Darling is (and I especially appreciated it when I was only working part-time), but now that I’m pulling in a pretty decent full-time salary and she’s still collecting unemployment, I feel like the unstructured weekend time together is of much higher value than the price of train fare.

Of course it could have been worse…she could have insisted that I come along. ;^P

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