Mar 01 2005

The March lion roars…

If one believes in the famous (and somewhat Biblical) saying about March weather coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb, then we’re in for a lovely first couple days in April!

I heard on the radio the other day that southern Sweden was experiencing its coldest and snowiest winter in 25 years…lucky me! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, the ice and snow has resulted in various utility outages and public transportation delays in the last couple weeks…which would be understandable if it were indeed REALLY cold with LOTS of snow. But the fact is, even the worst southern Sweden winter in the last 25 years PALES compared to the average winter in the midwestern U.S. Which leads me to the conclusion that folks in this part of Sweden at least, are real wimps when it comes to winter weather.

Now this is rather surprising given how easily they handle spring and fall weather. Seriously, rain means nothing to these people and wind is just a reality of everyday life for those living along the coast. I really admire how Swedes rarely let these kinds of conditions alter their plans for travel or outdoor activities. They just put on the appropriate layers of clothes and outerwear and forge ahead. But the minute things start to freeze, forget it.

Right now there’s light snow blowing around (with less than an inch accumulated on the ground) and my boss, while suggesting a time for us to have a meeting tomorrow added, "If we can even get to work tomorrow." (She lives 20 minutes north of the office and I live 40 minutes south.) And she was being sincere!

Feed my ego!

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