Mar 05 2005

Getting steamed…

Today Dr. Darling realized a dream…she finally got her hands on the steam cleaner she’s been pining after since last autumn. It all started when I suggested we rent a steam cleaner to clean a pair of love seats that we inherited from South African Nic last October. Dr. Darling began investigating places we could do this, and discovered we could actually buy a small one for not much more than the cost of renting a commercial one for a couple days.

She then began coming up with all kinds of ways we could use it…not just on the couches, but on the bikes, the bathroom and the kitchen…in order to justify the expense. I offered to buy it for her for Christmas (isn’t that romantic?!) but she declined saying it was too expensive.

So this morning, when she suggested that we go out to Bauhaus (the European equivalent of a Lowe’s home improvement store) and get it, I was a little skeptical.

Dr. Darling: Maybe we should go out to Bauhaus and get the steam cleaner today.

Me: Are we actually going to buy it this time or are you just going to stare longingly at it for 20 minutes and then decide we shouldn’t spend the money?

Dr. Darling: I wasn’t staring longingly, I was watching the demonstration video.

Me: Yeah, right.

But much to my surprise, we actually did buy the steam cleaner, and after reading the rather extensive assembly, usage and safety instructions, Dr. Darling has been happily steaming away grime all afternoon. In fact I’ll be lucky if I can tear her away from steaming in order to attend a social engagement with some friends later on tonight.

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