Mar 07 2005

“Water, water everywhere”…so when will I get a real shower?”

So Dr. Darling very happily spent most of Sunday afternoon steam-cleaning the ceiling and walls of the bathroom with her new toy, and all was right with the world.

And then disaster struck.

While working on the tub, she somehow managed to clog the bathtub drain *after* removing the usual disgusting clump of her hair from it. (Okay…there is surely some of my hair in the disgusting clump, too, but it’s the long blonde ones that cause the problems.) This is a task she tackles three or four times a year and naturally the drain usually runs quite a bit faster after she does it. NOT THIS TIME!

So we turned off the homemade spaghetti sauce I’d lovingly spent MY afternoon preparing and ran to the supermarket at 7 p.m. to buy the Swedish equivalent of “Liquid Plumber“, except that it was in the form of dry crystals that bubbled and released a noxious gas when they hit the water. (Dr. Darling was having flashbacks to her days in the lab.)

But after three applications, the tub was still only draining a trickle. And of course, I had been to the gym earlier in the afternoon and desperately needed a shower…which I finally got at 11 p.m. But only by plugging the drain in the tub and running the water long enough to get wet all over…then turning it off while I washed my hair and soaped up (and froze to death)…only to turn it on again to rinse off. We then had to bail the shower water out of the tub and into the sink. It was not fun…but at least I went to bed clean.

Dr. Darling has resumed working in the problem this morning and recently called with what appears to be a bit of progress. Our building is presently without a maintenance person and she is loathe to call the landlord because she hates his Cruella De Ville sambo and that’s probably who she will end up dealing with. If the woman would speak English with me I’d have no problem dealing with her, but she won’t and my Swedish is not good enough to impart the proper “don’t-even-try-that-condescending-bullshit-with-me-lady-because-I’ll-have-you-for-lunch” tone. (Sadly, Dr. Darling does not have this particular tone anywhere in her repertoire…which is a pity because it can come in really handy in all kinds of situations.)

On a more positive note, I did manage to get some overdue packages in the mail to family members in the U.S., including one to my “baby brother” who has a birthday this coming Saturday. I’m not sure it will make it there on time, though based on what I paid for the postage, all three packages OUGHT to be delivered overnight and by a royal horse and carriage in full state livery! OUCH!

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