Mar 11 2005

So much for dodging the bullet…

The tub drain has been running right since Wednesday, but it appears we are still going to have to endure a visit from Cruella anyway.

Dr. Darling made the mistake of very casually mentioning to the temporary maintenance guy (the 6th that she knows about…evidently no one can tolerate working for the Evil Queen for more than a few months at a time) that perhaps the bathroom ceiling needed a coat of paint. It hasn’t been painted since she moved in five years ago (if it was even done at all then) and when you have to regularly wipe mold off a surface for that length of time, it tends to get discoloured.

Well, in communicating this suggestion to the Wicked Witch of the North, the temporary maintenance guy mentioned the mold, and somehow she’s gotten it into her head that this mold must be growing because of moisture coming in through the ceiling from the outside of the building. Why didn’t WE think of this?! All this time we assumed it was because the bathroom is poorly ventilated and has no windows. How stupid are we?!

So Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" was initially going to come over today at lunchtime to have a look at what she’s just sure is the impending collapse of our bathroom ceiling from water damage, but she cancelled that appointment and Dr. Darling has now rescheduled the inspection for Sunday afternoon because she just doesn’t want to face the nutcase alone. Can’t say as I blame her. After all, this is the same woman who told me that our neighbors thought we were drug dealers because we occasionally forget to open the curtains in the bedroom in the morning. Yeah, right.

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