Mar 13 2005

Birthday Greetings and Bathroom Ceiling Report

Happy Birthday to my baby brother one day late! I finally managed to get him on the phone early this evening after playing telephone tag all day yesterday. His birthday package has not arrived yet…which really pisses me off considering the amount I paid to ship it to him last weekend!

We survived the visit from the Landlady from Hell…who was as obnoxious as usual but thankfully brought a professional painter with her. This guy took one look at the bathroom ceiling and announced that it definitely needed to be re-painted. Not only that, but he said who-ever had painted it the last time had used the wrong type of paint. Knowing the landlord’s reputation for finding the cheapest labor possible, I’m not surprised.

The painter will contact us directly about setting up a day to come in and do the job, so with any luck we won’t have to deal with Cruella again on this issue. In the meantime, this episode has finally lit a fire under Dr. Darling to start getting us registered with various building management companies for a new apartment. I’ve been jonesing for more space almost since the day I moved in here, but we haven’t really been in a position to sign a new lease because of our financial situation. That’s going to change once my contract at work becomes permanent. I CAN’T WAIT!

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