Mar 15 2005

Do I smell like your mother’s kitchen?

This morning, for the second day in a row, a person boarded the Quiet Car of the train I take to work, and despite there being MANY other open seats available, chose to sit in the one next to me. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN?! (Granted, I do not give off the usual unfriendly Swedish commuter vibe and I’m always fairly clean and tidy-looking, but that doesn’t really explain it.)

The first time, BOTH seats across from me were empty…and rather than sit with my soft-sided briefcase in my lap for the entire 40-minute ride, I chose to move to the other side. The lady showed absolutely no remorse for driving me from my place and very happily settled into having the two seats to herself…one of which I had previously warmed up.

Today my seat-stalker was a very tall man in a heavy jacket who proceeded to take a cellphone call shortly after the train was underway. This is a big NO-NO in the quiet car and it stirred the ire of a business man who I see fairly regularly and has a reputation for being something of an "Enforcer" of the Quiet Car rules.  After being scolded by the businessman, my seat-stalker left the compartment to finish his phone call…so I did catch a bit of a brief break in that regard. But get this…HE LEFT HIS BOOK in the seat, presumably so that no one else would take his coveted spot next to me while he was away.

If it happens again tomorrow I’ll become convinced that there’s some kind of sign on my forehead that says, "For a Good Time, Sit Here!"

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