Mar 20 2005

2 old 2 party 3 nights in a row…

While I didn’t know it at the time, St. Patrick’s day was the start of three consecutive nights of late hours and alcohol. When did I get too old for that kind of socializing? I really enjoyed the time with a variety of wonderful friends, but I know I’m going to pay for it tomorrow morning when I have to start the work week without having caught up on any sleep.

In between the evening parties we had some nice sunshine for a change, and took full advantage of it by talking a nice long walk through the city on Saturday. Then this afternoon I hit the Kallbadhus with a friend who had been on the exact same party schedule all weekend. There we attempted to sweat out any remaining alcohol in our systems in the sauna and then washed it off with a couple quick plunges into the Ă–resund. It was so cold there was actually ice on the staircase leading down to the water…but once once you were back up on the deck and out of the wind…it was actually comfortable to sit in the sun for a bit. It was really a nice (and totally Swedish) afternoon.

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