Mar 22 2005

Landlord Wars continue…

The painter turned up to paint the bathroom ceiling today…a minor miracle considering how s l o w l y maintenance typically gets done in this building. Evidently this will be the last job he will do for Boris and Natasha (with whom he has had a long business relationship), because they were very unhappy with his participation in the now infamous window discussion a week ago last Sunday. His crime? He basically agreed with Dr. Darling and I that the ventilation and air-circulation in the apartment had been adversely impacted by their choice of replacement windows.

Not only that, but the painter reported that the local building authority has already gotten in on the action (making it the most efficient Swedish government agency I’ve encountered since moving here) and has notified them that they are in violation of the permit rules. And according to him, SHE is NOT happy (mission accomplished!) and already suspects us of being involved…which does not particularly concern either one of us. But we never in a million years thought any of the authorities that Dr. Darling spoke to last week would act this quickly.

So we’re steeling ourselves for the fall-out which is sure to come because Cruella is just not smart enough to keep her mouth shut. But in the meantime, we got a call from the temporary maintenance guy (who started it all by mentioning the mold on our bathroom ceiling to her), and he’s going to come by tomorrow to repair the individual controls on the radiators. This was yet another issue that came up during the window discussion because part of the reason we regularly ignore the She-Devil‘s NO Open Windows policy is that it’s too warm in the apartment and we’ve never been able to turn the heat down.

Stay tuned…

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