Mar 25 2005

On the verge of a holiday weekend…

The Easter holiday is four-day weekend for the vast majority of working persons in Sweden…and as of about 3 p.m., most of them had already gotten a jump on it. I would have been happy to partake of the "leave early on the eve of a holiday" tradition, but I was in my office right up until 5:00 trouble-shooting an intranet problem for our US subsidary (where it's 6 hours earlier) by e-mail.

But other than putting in a full 8 hours of work…the day was Super Swedish in every other regard. First I rode my bike to the Central Station through a fog that was so thick that it condensed on my eyelashes. Upon arriving at the office dressed in blue jeans and sneakers (I LOVE that!), I had the national breakfast (a savory bun with cheese and sliced cucumber), washed down with two cups of very strong coffee. Then I marvelled at the HUGE amount and variety of Easter candy that arrived at the office courtesy of some of our customers and proceeded to sample it off and on for the rest of the day. Lunch was pea soup and pancakes (crepes, really), a very traditional wintertime dish served on Thursdays.

Then it was home on a train that ran late…probably because of the fog that was even thicker at 5:30 p.m. than it had been at 7:15 a.m. I actually regretted not having my bike lights with me for the ride home from the station. It was like pedalling through a cloud!

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