Mar 26 2005

Where have these muscles been?

The weather has been comparatively nice the last two days, and between the warmer temperatures and the long holiday weekend, Dr. Darling and I have quickly and happily fallen into "jock mode".

On Friday we did almost 20 kilometers on our bikes…albiet at a leisurely pace since we were scouting buildings to target in our apartment search. (A couple of photos from the expedition can be seen here.) Then this morning we were out on our inlines for the first time this year and skated out to the Western Harbor and back before climbing back on our bikes to meet some other American ex-pats in the city center. (Unfortunately there are no photos from skating because of a very strict personal policy about carrying any expensive electronic devices with us on the *first* skate of the season. It’s just not a good idea. Seriously, we didn’t even take a cellphone.)

The plan is to bike or skate to Slottsparken for an Easter egg hunt tomorrow afternoon, but based on the sore muscles I’m experiencing this evening, the bus is looking like a better option!

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