Mar 28 2005

Caffeine deprivation…

It was 10:30 before I got my first cup of coffee this morning. This is because it’s still technically the weekend, and that means I wait for Dr. Darling to rise and shine before making it.

When the weekend is only two days long, I usually have no trouble waiting until mid-morning to get that first “jolt of joe”. But Easter Weekend started last Friday here in Sweden and continues through today, known as Annandag Påsk (literally “another day Easter”), so today marks the 4th day in a row that my caffeine-fix has been significantly delayed…and THAT’s pushing it my friends.

Now Dr. Darling claims that the recent switch to Daylight Savings Time (early Sunday morning) is responsible for the extra sack time she’s put in the last two mornings, but I’m not buying it. We’ve just been really busy the last couple of days.

Yesterday afternoon we biked to Slottsparker to watch the children of several friends participate in an Easter egg hunt. Now in my recollection of Easter egg hunts at home in the U.S., the eggs were the hollow plastic variety that could be filled with assorted goodies. But this particular hunt involved REAL eggs…which I suppose is some kind of nod to the Swedish commitment to protecting the environment. (A real egg that goes unfound will eventually biodegrade.)

Still, I can’t help but think if I were a kid, I’d be hard-pressed to search for a hard-boiled egg, no matter how beautifully it was decorated!

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