Monthly Archive: April 2005

Apr 29 2005

Hi ho, hi ho, we’re heading to Oslo!

Well, my Mom and I are, at least. We board the Crown of Scandinavia in Helsingborg tonight and arrive in Norway’s capital tomorrow morning around 9:15.  Then it’s a full day in Oslo before we board the ship again for the return trip to Sweden.  We’ll be back home around mid-morning on Sunday.  Dr. Darling decided to opt out of this mini-cruise adventure, …

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Apr 28 2005

Weekend Report — The Final Chapter

Despite the angry and chaotic start, Sunday turned out to be a really lovely day. Dr. Darling and I and our mothers cruised up to Helsingborg in big, roomy Saab station wagon to pick up my uncle. He then treated us to an elegant lunch at the Örenäs Castle just south of the city, where we …

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Apr 27 2005

Le Weekend Report, Part Deux

(Or…how NOT to rent a car in Sweden.) So last week there were numerous discussions about renting a car for use on Sunday when my uncle would be free of his barbershop judging duties and could spend the afternoon and evening with us. This was necessary because my uncle is a pretty big guy and would not …

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Apr 26 2005

The Weekend Report Part 1

We had a a really nice visit w/Dr. Darling‘s dad on Friday night. His sambo (that’s Swedish shorthand for " legally recognized live-in partner") had prepared a really nice dinner for us even though she was not there to enjoy it. Afterwards we got a tour of the police station where she was working the …

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Apr 24 2005

Clearly THIS didn’t happen.

"It should be an interesting trip. If all goes according to plan (and that’s a BIG IF), I should be home and able to file a report late Saturday night." It was an interesting trip and I (of course) have lots of stories to tell from it…if I ever get the time.

Apr 22 2005

Road-trip time…

So in less than an hour Dr. Darling and I will be taking off on a typical Swedish Family Road Tour…only THIS time, in addition to the usual stops at my father-in-law’s house in Falkenberg, my brother-in-law’s apartment in Halmstad, and my mother-in-law’s efficiency in Laholm, we’ll also be swinging by my uncle’s hotel in …

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Apr 22 2005

Technical difficulties…

So I finally got the “new” laptop my boss promised me back when I first started my job (in November of last year). I’m using quotation marks around the word “new” because it’s only “new” to me…it actually belonged to a colleague in the IT Dept. until he left the company in February. Also, it’s …

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