Apr 02 2005

“Our top story tonight!”

“Generalissimo Fransisco Franco is STILL dead!”

I know I’m showing my age here, but it really felt as though I was channeling original “Not Ready for PrimeTime” Player Garrett Morris when I told Dr. Darling that Pope John Paul II was still alive this morning.

To which she replied, “He’s probably already been dead for a week and the Vatican just hasn’t announced it yet.”

She may be on to something here. The U.S. media was so caught up in the Terry Schiavo Circus last week (may she rest in peace) that they wouldn’t have had the time or the resources for a simultaneous death watch. Faux News being the possible exception, of course. They could have sent Bill O’Reilly to broadcast live from the Vatican while Sean Hannity kept vigil in front of Terri’s hospice.

(OMG I just threw up a little bit in my mouth when I wrote that.)

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