Apr 04 2005

The phone solicitor’s (wet) dream…

Regular readers of ShazzerSpeak have heard me complain long and loud about Dr. Darling‘s aversion to using the phone. I swear anytime I even suggest that she make a phone call she reacts as though I’d asked her to drown a cardboard box full of puppies.

She doesn’t like to answer the phone either…and if it weren’t for CallerID, I doubt she’d ever pick up the receiver. But even the CallerID isn’t fail-safe. These days a lot of individuals and businesses have set their phone numbers so that they are not detectable by ID devices. Her Dad’s work cellphone (he’s a cop) is a protected number, for example, and for some reason, so is my number at work. So sometimes, when she’s home alone, she actually ends up answering when she has no idea who is calling.

I used to think she didn’t like answering calls of unknown origin because she’s not comfortable talking to strangers, but today I learned it’s really because she CAN’T SAY NO to sales people.

Evidently she answered a call from a protected number this afternoon thinking it was me, and ended up talking to a phone solicitor promoting some new products. I’m not exactly sure what transpired, but before she hung up she had agreed to pay the postage on four pairs of fancy new socks that were otherwise “absolutely free” and had also consented to receive a catalogue four times a year in case we might be interested in buying any other underwear by mail in the future.

Don’t laugh. If she doesn’t get a job soon my entire family is going to end up with “Sock of the Month” club memberships for Christmas.

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