Apr 10 2005

Sunday night snippets…

Hello and welcome to the waning moments of a spectacularly uneventful weekend. It was partly the weather’s fault…lots of sunshine but a bit on the chilly side, so it was pretty easy to stay close to home.

On Saturday afternoon I got a $37 haircut (and no, that price does not include having it washed) and then we cycled into the city to run some errands and meet an American pal for coffee. Today was even MORE exciting…we spent most of it getting the apartment ready for my mother’s visit (she arrives from the U.S. on Thursday afternoon) and doing laundry. (I did say spectacularly uneventful, didn’t I?)

But on the upside, we did get some quality one-on-one moments together…which will be few and far between once Mom gets here. Did I mention she was staying for three weeks?


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