Apr 14 2005

My Mom is here!

And surprise, surprise…she’s quilting already!  Right here on my livingroom couch!

I picked her up at Kastrup (Copenhagen airport) just after 2 p.m.  Her flight was uneventful…just the way we like flights to be, and we were back here at the apartment by 3…just in time for fika. Then, as she was feeling pretty awake and lively, we walked down to the small boat harbor to feed the various waterfowl that hang out there. Mom made friends with a goose that eventually took bread right from her hand.

She hit a bit of a wall after we got back and ended up dozing on the couch for a few minutes before dinner.  Dr. Darling made a big salad for supper and Mom did the dishes…how did I get so lucky?! So now she seems to have a bit of a second wind and is quilting to an old Richard Gere movie while the Swede is happily munches away on the black Twizzlers Mom brought her as a present.

That’s right…I wrote the words “black Twizzlers” and “present” in the same sentence.  Who would ever have imagined that?!


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