Apr 17 2005

Who knew my mother could party like that?!

We’ve been so busy the past couple days that I haven’t even had time to chronicle our adventures! The weather has been great, too…making it much less likely to be near and internet connection.

On Friday afternoon Dr. Darling brought Mom up to the town where my office is located for a little city tour and visit. I got to introduce them both to several of my colleagues and my boss even took time out to conduct a grand tour of the facilities. I don’t know what they were expecting, but both seemed to be very impressed!

Then on Saturday morning as we were planning our day…British Michaela called and invited us to a cook-out at in the evening. Her husband manned the grill while she manned the bar and there was much eating and drinking and general merriment. I had no idea my mother was such a partier…we didn’t get home until 2:30 in the morning!

It’s another beautiful sunny day but quite windy…so we’ll probably try to do a little shopping (there’s a BIG new fabric store Mom is very eager to visit) and both Mom and Dr. Darling have decided that a nap is high on their priority lists. I actually brought some work home with me for the first time in years and I will probably try to tackle some of that during nap time…as I will probably have had MY nap at the fabric store.

Feed my ego!

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