Apr 19 2005

Time flies…

…when you’re trying to keep up with my mother!

After a successful trip to the fabric store (where she bought a BUNCH of funky yarn) on Sunday afternoon, she got to meet our 1-year-old nephew Dr. Darling‘s brother and his wife stopped by the apartment on their way home from Trelleborg. On Monday we did laundry and then drove out to Torup to stroll through the forest and around the grounds of the magnificent castle there.

Today I went to work just to get some rest! My Mom, on the other hand, spent the morning and early afternoon looking after a friend’s 11-month-old twins. My pal needed someone to keep the boys entertained while she had her haircut, so Mom walked them all over scenic downtown Malmö in a double-wide stroller. It was a good workout! Afterwards they went to lunch at the city’s main art gallery, where mother reports they had “a very elegant meal.”

She and Dr. Darling met me in Lund at 3:30 for the radio show I host on the student station…and from there we went to my English Conversation group. Nobody really had the energy to cook after we got home, so we ordered kebabs from a nearby carry-out restaurant. Now we’re vegging out in front of the TV because we all need a rest!


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