Apr 22 2005

Technical difficulties…

So I finally got the “new” laptop my boss promised me back when I first started my job (in November of last year). I’m using quotation marks around the word “new” because it’s only “new” to me…it actually belonged to a colleague in the IT Dept. until he left the company in February. Also, it’s much newer than my previous machine, which had both the look and speed of an antique by laptop standards (meaning it was probably about 5 years old).

Why it took the IT support geeks (and I use that term lovingly) until last Friday to get this machine ready for me is likely a mystery for the ages. But I suspect it had something to do with the fact that the guy who replaced the previous user started on Monday, and they were probably busy getting a BRAND NEW machine set up for him. (Members of the IT Dept. always have the newest computers in the entire company…I think it’s a law or something.)

So, my new laptop is much lighter and speedier than my old one, meaning it’s actually worth carrying home once in awhile to work (or write blog entries)on the train. But it also has a much newer version of the Windoze operating system and consequently the desktop environment and all of the MS Office programs look completely different than what I’m used to…which means I’m often not exactly sure where I am on the computer when I’m using it.

My experience with Dr. Darling’s PC is no help as she’s still using Windoze 98. In fact, last night we tried to set up an internet connection for it from our home broadband account and even she couldn’t figure out how to do it, and as we had no operator’s manual, we gave up. I naturally pointed out that if the machine were a Mac, it would have been no problem to do it without instructions. (She did not appreciate that even though she *knows* it was true.)

At any rate, the whole point of having a laptop is to be able to work from where ever you happen to be, and eventually I’m sure I will get used to this Dell Latitude D600 and will be able to be very productive with it. But in hindsight I wonder if perhaps it was not such a good idea to switch machines in the middle of the biggest writing project I’ve ever tackled for my company. ACK.

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