Apr 26 2005

The Weekend Report Part 1

We had a a really nice visit w/Dr. Darling‘s dad on Friday night. His sambo (that’s Swedish shorthand for " legally recognized live-in partner") had prepared a really nice dinner for us even though she was not there to enjoy it. Afterwards we got a tour of the police station where she was working the evening shift as a dispatcher.

I actually slept fairly decently for a change (I generally don’t on the Swedish Family Tour) so I was fairly alert for Saturday’s events…which included a long walk along the river in Falkenberg. By long I mean time-consuming rather than arduous…and it really only qualified as "long" because it interfered with theĀ  schedule Dr. Darling had planned in her head but evidently neglected to tell anyone else about.

This meant we were late getting to her brother’s place (which I would have skipped under the circumstances, but I was not in charge of the aforementioned schedule) and even later to her mother’s. So we had to rush through the classic Swedish meal of meatballs, potatoes and homemade lingonberry preserves that my MiL had prepared in order to get to the barbershop concert by 6:30pm. But due to some bad information from one of the Swedish organizers (who spoke to Dr. Darling in Swedish to insure nothing would be lost in translation) we ended up at the concert venue over an hour early. Aaarrggh!

We did have a nice visit with my uncle before the show, however.

Oh, and the music was pretty good, too.

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