Apr 28 2005

Weekend Report — The Final Chapter

Despite the angry and chaotic start, Sunday turned out to be a really lovely day.

Dr. Darling and I and our mothers cruised up to Helsingborg in big, roomy Saab station wagon to pick up my uncle. He then treated us to an elegant lunch at the Örenäs Castle just south of the city, where we dined overlooking the Öresund. After a leisurely meal we explored the castle grounds a bit, and then the Swede took us on a driving tour to the north, which concluded at her Mom’s place in Laholm. This made for a very special afternoon as Dr. Darling and I don’t often get the chance to "mix" our families.

After dropping off my MiL, we buzzed back down to Helsingborg for a cold drink  at my uncle’s hotel before continuing south to Malmö.  A long but very nice day that left me with lingering warm fuzzy feelings for the rest of the week!

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