May 10 2005

Naomi Klein nails it

This essay is the the best I’ve seen yet on the subject of how to end the war in Iraq. It’s a long read, but well worth the time. Here’s a preview and a link to the complete article.

How to End the War

Naomi Klein, In These Times. Posted May 10, 2005.

central question we need to answer is this: What were the real reasons
for the Bush administration’s invasion and occupation of Iraq?

we identify why we really went to war—not the cover reasons or the
rebranded reasons, freedom and democracy, but the real reasons—then we
can become more effective anti-war activists. The most effective and
strategic way to stop this occupation and prevent future wars is to
deny the people who wage these wars their spoils—to make war
unprofitable. And we can’t do that unless we effectively identify the
goals of war.

If we want to know what the goals of the war are, we have to look at
what Paul Bremer did when he first arrived in Iraq. He laid off 500,000
people, 400,000 of whom were soldiers. And he shredded Iraq’s
constitution and wrote a series of economic laws that the The Economist described as “the wish list of foreign investors.”

Iraq has been turned into a laboratory for the radical free-market
policies that the American Enterprise Institute and the Cato Institute
dream about in Washington, D.C., but are only able to impose in
relative slow motion here at home.

So we just have to examine the
Bush administration’s policies and actions. We don’t have to wield
secret documents or massive conspiracy theories. We have to look at the
fact that they built enduring military bases and didn’t rebuild the
country. Their very first act was to protect the oil ministry leaving
the the rest of the country to burn—to which Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld responded: “Stuff happens.” Theirs was an almost
apocalyptic glee in allowing Iraq to burn. They let the country be
erased, leaving a blank slate that they could rebuild in their image.
This was the goal of the war.

The complete article can be read here.

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