May 29 2005

Some days I don’t deserve Dr. Darling…

So Fridays are normally good days at the office…the atmosphere is relaxed but productive, with just a tinge of extra energy and expectation of the weekend ahead. This particular Friday was kind of special because it was my colleague Linchpin’s last day before beginning her maternity leave, so my boss took us out to lunch. (Linchpin is not her real name…just the role she plays in our department. Needless to say, she will be greatly missed.)

But at some point during the early afternoon, an already tight deadline on a rather big project of mine got moved up yet AGAIN because of OTHER people’s schedules (outside contractors mostly). And then within an hour of learning that I had even LESS time to get this really big job done, I got dragged into a two-hour meeting.

So basically, I was not the happiest of campers when I headed home for the weekend, and I was even less happy when some kind of signal problem between Helsingborg and Landskrona delayed my train by 40 minutes. It was quarter to eight by the time I got home…really tired and in a shitty mood, which I of course unloaded on Dr. Darling, who had spent the afternoon organizing a cook-out at our favorite beach spot.

Fortunately she did not take my pissy attitude personally, and once we got there and got the grill going I started to settle down. It was the perfect evening for it…warm and sunny (I know that sounds funny) and no wind. We had a delicious dinner of burgers and grilled veggies, and then watched the sun set over Copenhagen.

I was feeling so much better by the time we headed home that I even remembered to thank her for organizing a great evening.

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