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Jun 29 2005

Playing fair …

It has been noted by Dr. Darling that I haven’t really written about The Great Birthday Faux Pas of 2005 in any kind of detail. She seems to think it’s a prime example of how I intentionally downplay my own screw-ups compared to the lengthy entries I write about hers. There’s a very good reason …

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Jun 27 2005

“Why do I get the girl gun?”

This was my favorite line in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, which we saw at the theatre early Sunday evening.  In a scene in which the Smiths are defending themselves against a large hit squad made up of their former colleagues, John (Brad Pitt) hands Jane (Angelina Jolie) a petite pistol instead of something a little more hefty …

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Jun 26 2005

It’s important to learn something new every day.

Evidently there are a still a few Swedish traditions that I haven’t learned yet. A REALLY important tradition is that Swedes want, need and expect to be awakened on their birthdays with coffee, cake and a gift served on a tray. I did not know this, and will probably be paying for it for the rest of …

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Jun 25 2005

The joy of in-laws…

We survived “Midsommar” in fine fashion, especially when you consider that the party we went to started at 2 p.m. (which is when the alcohol consumption started as well). It was hosted by another mixed-nationality couple, he Swedish, she British, so there were a few other items on the menu besides herring and prinskorv (thankfully). …

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Jun 25 2005

Time & Temp

Jun 23 2005

Midsommar’s Eve Eve?

As noted earlier in this blog, the Summer Solstice occurred EVERYWERE IN THE WORLD except Sweden on June 21st. But Swedes, who seem to think there’s no point in celebrating a holiday unless it’s part of a three day weekend, always *move* this astronomical occurrence to the Saturday closest to June 21st … and then …

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Jun 21 2005

Happy Summer Solstice!

The latest in the never-ending string of ironies that is woven through (and occasionaly “tangled up” in) my life is that I actually have to get up earlier for work just as my annual “sleepless season” is hitting its zenith. (How’s that for poetic license?!) This is because, as I mentioned in an earlier entry, the Oresund …

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