Jun 02 2005

My latest brush with fame…sort of

Last night I dreamed that I knew Jennifer Beals. Well, not just *knew* her…but was actually friends with her. Or at least a new friend who had recently been invited to join her “inner circle.” You know that circle…the one where you hang out at each other’s houses and can go into each other’s refrigerators without asking. It was the kind of dream that’s so vivid and real that I woke up wondering just for a moment if maybe it wasn’t true.

The last time I remember having this particular sensation this strongly was back in the late 1980’s when I woke up from a dream fairly convinced that Daryl Hannah and I had been childhood friends. (We’re about the same age and actually grew up in the same city…so it wasn’t really all THAT far-fetched.)

Still, I think I’m better off not watching “The L Word” when Dr. Darling is out-of-town.


  1. Barbara Doremire

    OK, so in what town did you grow up? I know I’ve never seen Daryl Hannah around here.

    1. Shazzer

      Detroit, Michigan!

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