Jun 08 2005

Hot Toddy was HERE! Hot Toddy was HERE!

AKA: My latest brush with fame in cyberspace

Not that I don’t appreciate *every single person* who wastes takes the time to surf by here, but check out the entry on my blog board (in the right side-bar, about halfway down the page)!! It’s a message from the author of one of my all-time favorite blogs, Hot Toddy’s Toaster Oven (which has been conveniently linked in the left side bar for practically EVER)!

This guy is an award-winning blogger who writes extremely well and is frequently laugh-out-loud funny. I read him often and occasionally comment, and I am completely stunned that he was actually here, let alone that he obviously read one of my entries…and then actually took the time to respond to it on the blog board! I feel like Marcia in the Brady Bunch episode where Davy Jones gives her a peck on the cheek and she swears she will never wash her face again!

Speaking of which…I wonder if there’s a way to lock my blog board so that Toddy’s entry stays front and center forever?

Feed my ego!

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