Jun 11 2005

Music, marching and … machine guns?

One of my favorite channels on our digital cable system is BBC Prime. This is not only because all the programs

English: The Queen inspects the line at Troopi...

English: The Queen inspects the line at Trooping the Colour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

are in English and are aired without distracting Swedish subtitles, but also because it’s an always available fix for my rampant Anglophilia.

So I knew I was in for a treat this afternoon when the traditional Trooping of the Colour came on. This impressive display marking the sovereign’s “official” birthday is full of pomp and circumstance and pageantry, with soldiers wearing the tall bearskin hats and horses decked out in polished royal splendor.

But all I could think of as I watched was, “When did the Foot Guards in the Household Division of the British army start carrying Uzi’s at ceremonial events?”

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