Jun 12 2005

Mother Nature should be on meds!

I’m pretty sure that the meteorological phrase "scattered isolated showers" was invented in southern Sweden…or at the very least, perfected here.

The forecast said it was going to rain steadily all weekend so we tried to plan our outdoor activities accordingly, which probably our first mistake. Because while it did rain and blow like crazy in some parts of the city on Saturday, it stayed relatively decent on our end of town. At one point a friend called my mobile to report that it was hailing in the center of Malmö (she was concerned that we were out on her bikes in it), while our place, just six kilometers to the south, was still bathed in sunshine.

We did eventually get some rain just in time for afternoon coffee…and it started so suddenly that up until that moment we had been planning to have our fika out in the back garden. The sun was shining when I started the coffee maker nd the back garden was drenched by the time I was pouring the java into our mugs.

Today was more of the same…just with more rain…giving the whole weekend a kind of schizophrenic feel. Or maybe it was a manic feel. Ill have to check with my Mom the retired mental health professional about the specifics! But suffice it to say…it was just a little bit crazy.

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