Jun 14 2005

The “domino principal” or Murphy’s Law?

The day started sunshiney and full of promise. Work involved an all-day meeting of international colleagues in Malmö…so I got to skip my usual 40 minute train-ride to the office and spend the extra time sleeping. (A real treat!) The hotel conference room was plush and comfortable, the refreshments were plentiful and the meeting was productive.

And then I got the paper cut from hell. I was reaching into my bag for some material I’d brought to the meeting…and promptly sliced open the skin under my right index finger. Fortunately I was able to secure a bandage from the reception desk before I bled all over my laptop.

I kid you not, the cut is so deep that when I got home, Dr. Darling who is generally not all that squirmy about this kind of thing, couldn’t even bear to look at it. And of course I always forget how vital my right index finger is to everyday life until it hurts every time I use it.

Now because I spent the day in Malmö, I was able to go kayaking after work for the first time this season. The kayak club we belong to has open paddling on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6 p.m., but my commute makes it tough to get there by then. Today it was no problem to arrive in time, but because of my injured index finger, I was favoring my right hand a bit as I paddled. This meant my left-hand grip was compromised somewhat, and by the time we completed two-thirds of our expedition, I had a good-sized blister on my palm directly below my thumb…which then burst and hurt more than the paper cut from hell.

So now I have bandages on both hands and basically look as though I’ve been fighting with a cat, and I have no idea how I’m going to manage to wash my hair in the morning.

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