Jun 18 2005

A few random observations…

I’ve had a half-dozen random items “in need of blogging” filed away in my head for over a week now…but I can’t seem to get my thoughts organized well enough to actually get something together that’s worthy of posting.

There are a couple reasons for this, not the least of which is my continuing lack of a decent night’s sleep.

The other is the local transit authority’s recent decision to replace the speedy, spacious, and comfortable Öresund train I usually take to work with a smaller, slower and always over-crowded commuter train with no realistic form of “quiet car“.  (More on that later.)  I often compose blog entries during the 40 minute trip (either in my head or on my Palm Zire) so that when I sit down in front of a computer I can type them up very quickly or just cut-and-paste them directly into my blog(s). But let’s just say the cramped and rattling conditions of the commuter train are not conducive to any kind of creative thought.

So here are the things I would be blogging about if I were a little more rested and didn’t have to start my day sitting in a cattle car with light purple upholstry:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Image via RottenTomatoes.com)

Item 1: I am completely addicted to Marabou’s new “Digestive” variety of chocolate bar.  Until now, I’ve been able to take or leave Sweden’s best-selling brand of chocolate…the texture is lovely but the actual cocoa content comes up a little short in my book. But the addition of Digestive cookie bits more than makes up for this shortcoming. Plus, the English language version of the ingredients list on the back of the bar lists them as “biscuit balls”…which makes me giggle every time I see it.

Item 2: Hot Toddy has been back not once, but TWICE since his first appearance on my blog boardearlier this month. I’m presently resisting the urge to quote Wayne and/or Garth with a repetitive shout of “I’m not worthy!” (But I really WANT to!)

Item 3: The larger-than-life-size posters advertising the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” are ruining my sex life. Following the “Tomb Raider” fiascos (original and sequel), one would think I could remember that Dr. Darling does not take kindly to romantic overtures inspired by visions of Angelina Jolie with a gun.

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