Jun 23 2005

Midsommar’s Eve Eve?

As noted earlier in this blog, the Summer Solstice occurred EVERYWERE IN THE WORLD except Sweden on June 21st. But Swedes, who seem to think there’s no point in celebrating a holiday unless it’s part of a three day weekend, always *move* this astronomical occurrence to the Saturday closest to June 21st … and then give themselves the day before it off from work.

So tomorrow is Midsommarafton (literally “Midsummer’s Eve”) and I guess that makes today Midsummer’s Eve Eve … which means everyone scrambles for a way to get out of the office early.

I managed to score a ride back to Malmö from a colleague, and was so excited about getting to avoid the train that I walked out the door without Dr. Darling‘s birthday present. She hits the big 3-0 on Sunday and I have nothing to give her unless I A) go back to my office during the weekend or 2) buy something else in the next two days … which will be kind of tough considering just about every kind of retail establishment save grocery stores will be closed because of the holiday.

I am clearly a candidate for the world’s worst spouse.


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