Jun 27 2005

“Why do I get the girl gun?”

This was my favorite line in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith“, which we saw at the theatre early Sunday evening.  In a scene in which the Smiths are defending themselves against a large hit squad made up of their former colleagues, John (Brad Pitt) hands Jane (Angelina Jolie) a petite pistol instead of something a little more hefty … like an AK-47. Thus the question.

Going to the movies is a rare treat because tickets are really expensive here (almost 12 bucks based on the current exchange rate).  Consequently I can count the number of times I’ve been to a movie theatre since moving to Sweden (three years ago) on one hand.

Dr. Darling prefers to rent films on DVD, but she is willing to make exceptions for certain action films, and … amazingly enough … for my “thing” for Angelina Jolie.* This is even more remarkable considering the trouble I was in for screwing up her birthday not once, but TWICE.)

As a comedic action vehicle for the stunning Angelina, “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” did not disappoint.  And my friend British Michaela felt the chemistry between AJ and Brad was palpable when they were on screen together even though some critics seem to disagree. (Then a again, Michaela is British, so her definition of palpable sexual chemistry might be a bit different from that of the rest of the western world.)

In any case, the “Why do I get the girl gun?” line made me laugh outloud because it’s a variation on the gender-role-related questions that get asked fairly often at our house … the most common being, “Why do you always get to control the remote?”

*I, in turn, I give Dr. Darling the same latitude with her “thing” for Juliette Binoche.


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