Jul 03 2005

Sunday = Sunburned

After spending a good chunk of Saturday afternoon confined on a train bound for Båstad…Dr. Darling and I more than made up for it on a beach near Falkenberg today. The temperature was probably no more than about 22 degrees (that’s around 74 or 75 for my farenheit friends), which means in my midwestern U.S. mind it wasn’t hot enough to get sunburned. I was WAY wrong in that assessment. But I managed to get the Swede into the water for the first time this summer and that made the sunburn SO worth it!

So yesterday we trained up and met my MiL, who had prepared a lovely fika which we took in a cow pasture by the sea near a little village called Laxvik. The scenery was beautiful and the cows didn’t seem to mind sharing it at all.  And of course, because we were a pretty good distance from a restrooom, the coffee ran right through me…so Saturday, July 2 marked my first "Whiz in the Wild" of 2005.  (I mention this primarily for my American friends for which taking a leak outdoors can be an chargeable offense.) And I was clearly out of practice as the location I chose, while suitably discrete, was over a rock and I hadn’t factored in the splash factor. Aaarrgghh!

Once the whizzing in the wild barrier has been breached the first time it gets much easier….especially when there is no convenient (or free) restroom available to use. Today Dr. Darling and I both took a leak while swimming in the sea and then again in the forest behind the train station in Båstad. The Swede did not want to pay 5 crowns to pee when her Dad could walk behind a tree and do it for free. I could have waited until I got on the train but decided to "go" with her in solidarity. Now that I think about it, I think I tinkled outside more than I tinkled inside in the last 24 hours!

We had a nice outdoor BBQ at my brother-in-law’ new house on Saturday night.  His wife’s family was there, too, and they were much warmer to me than in past visits…probably because my Swedish is so much more serviceable than it was the last time we saw each other.

We stayed overnight with the Swede’s father and sambo in Falkenberg last night…which lead to today’s BBQ on the beach.  The outing included birthday presents for both of us. In addition to a new waffle iron (EVERY Swedish household HAS to have one), they very thoughfully presented us with cash in Euros for use on our biking vacation to Germany in August. Sweet! (Too bad the Swedish crown isn’t a little stronger against the Euro at the moment.)

I trained back from Båstad on my own this evening as Dr. Darling has been drafted for another "new house" project. She’ll be back in Malmö on Tuesday evening.  So I’m being a bachelorette…eating junk food, surfing and nursing my sunburn…so it almost feels like the tail-end of a holiday weekend…just without the holiday.

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