Jul 13 2005

Kicking it up a notch on the Nerd Index…

One day last week Dr. Darling and I were discussing our mutual need for a cheap pair of sunglasses for cycling…specifically for our upcoming bike vacation to Germany.

Sunglasses serve two important functions when cycling. The first, of course, is less squinting (the sun is really low in the sky here compared to the midwestern U.S. so it seems MUCH brighter) combined with UV protection. And the second is bug deflection. ( I have had small insects fly into an eye at least a half-dozen times since Spring and it’s NOT fun.)

Now we both have sunglasses, but they are more fashionable than comfortable…especially when combined with a bike helmet. And besides that, they aren’t cheap enough for this particular enterprise where losing and/or breaking them is not only a distinct possibility but also likely. (Dr. Darling’s are a vintage pair of RayBans for crying outloud, for which she has no real appreciation of their coolness.)

So on Sunday, we’re at our local Biltema, which is kind of a combination home improvement/auto parts/sporting goods store, and low-and-behold they have a pretty decent selection of cheap sunglasses. And they aren’t just regular cheap sunglasses, but the type designed for athletes, so rather than just shading your vision, they actually make everything appear sharper while blocking out all the UV rays. It’s kind of amazing really.

And because these glasses are so light-weight and comfortable in addition to having relatively clear lenses, I don’t have to take them off when walking into a building or getting on the train, etc., and therefore find myself wearing them pretty much EVERYWHERE. Which would be okay, except that…well, let’s just say they aren’t exactly vintage RayBan-like in terms of styling.

I honestly don’t think I was this nerdy before I moved to Sweden. And if I was, why didn’t somebody slap me?

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