Jul 17 2005

I’ve created a monster!

When I moved to Sweden, I didn’t bother bringing my any of my games other than a travel version of backgammon and a deck of cards.

Deutsch: Durchsichtiger Spielstein.

Deutsch: Durchsichtiger Spielstein. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For one thing, I was severely limited on how much stuff I could afford to ship by boat. And for another, I knew that my favorites board games, Trivial Pursuit and Balderdash, were too English-language and American culture-centric to play competitively with anyone over here other than fellow ex-pats.

I’ve since had the opportunity to play Swedish versions of both Trivial Pursuit and “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” at parties and family gatherings, and the same situation applies in the reverse. Even if I can get past the language issue, many of the questions are very Swedish culture-centric.

Dr. Darling, being in many ways a stereotypical nerdy scientist, didn’t own any games when I got here, but to my surprise does enjoy playing Trivial Pursuit … or “TP” as it’s commonly called in Sweden. (Yes, I heard “toilet paper” in my head, too.) So when we came across the Trivial Pursuit Globetrotter Edition during a shopping excursion yesterday, we had to buy it. The questions, rather than being divided by subject area, are divided by world region … which really levels the playing field.

What I didn’t realize when we bought it was that I would have to spend the rest of the weekend playing it. (With only two players…it can take awhile to get all six coloured wedges.) I had to call a time-out just to  get a free moment to blog about it. Even losing 2-out-of-3 matches so far does not diminish Dr. Darling‘s enthusiasm for playing this game.

Somebody save me please.



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