Jul 21 2005

Not feeling so Irish at the moment…

Earlier today I got a bee in my bonnet to freshen up the old blog a little bit. (Probably because I didn’t have anything interesting to write about.)  The green and grey was okay (it’s saved and could re-appear at some point in the future) but if I was getting tired of it, chances are pretty darn good you fine folks were getting tired of it, too.

The other template was also kind of a sentimental carry over from my previous hosting service … where Dr. Darling worked long and hard to create most of it from scratch. That effort was the first (and probably only) time she’s ever been openly supportive of my blogging addiction, and seemed to mark the moment when she finally resigned herself to the fact that a pretty good chunk of our lives was going to be chronicled on the worldwide web.

She’s a very good sport for a privacy-freak.

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