Jul 28 2005

Pedal Fury: The Sequel

Turns out that Jennifer Lopez’s "Hold You Down" remix featuring Don Omar (NOT to be confused with the original version of "Hold You Down" which was a duet with some rapper called "Fat Joe" done in more of a ballad-style…they are NOT the same) is an even better cycling song than the Linkin Park tune I mentioned earlier this week.  I suspect this is because the J-Lo tune sounds like sunshine and happiness instead of darkness and rage.  (Though the Spanish half of the lyrics could be about alienation and alcohol abuse for all I know.)

In any case, "Hold you Down" came on the radio about a third of the way into my ride to Malmö’s Central Station this morning, and I ended up setting a new speed/time record.  I covered the 5.35 kilometers in 14:23, with an average speed of 22.2 kilometers and hour. (Yes, I LOVE my speedometer/odometer to the point that I am loathe to get on either one of my bikes without it.) Granted, the wind was at my back, but that’s still cookin’ my friends!

Of course the downside to setting a new speed record on the way TO work is that I was a sweaty mess by the time I boarded the train. I’m sure my fellow passengers in the Quiet Car LOVED me for that.

Feed my ego!

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