Monthly Archive: August 2005

Aug 31 2005

Fun with epoxy…

Dr. Darling starts a post-doc project for a major laboratory in Copenhagen on Monday and seems determined to do as much playing as possible during her last week of freedom for awhile. I’ve already mentioned that we’ve purchased three different kites since last Saturday, but the “Re-living Your Childhood” Stakes got much higher today when, …

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Aug 29 2005

The “Nerd Scale” revisited


Forget about Biltema…we ended up at Toys “R” Us on Sunday morning (courtesy of Dr. Darling‘s Dad’s car) and came home with not one, but TWO more kites. We bought a smaller stunt kite (which we named Discovery II) and a small parafoil because it was 50% off. Worse yet, we’ve been out flying them EVERY DAY since. …

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Aug 27 2005

“Let’s go fly a kite!”

So our recent cycling vacation included three days in Germany with a very dear friend of mine and her two kids. And on one of those days we went to the beach and naturally took along all the usual kids-at-the-beach accoutrements…one of which sent me on a sentimental journey right down Memory Lane. Anna and …

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Aug 26 2005

Honey, I’m home!

We’re back…and boggled that the distance that took five days for us to cover by bike could be traversed in just a little over five hours by train. Lots of stories to tell as soon as I have the energy to tell them!

Aug 18 2005

Bike tour time!

Dr. Darling and I leave this morning on our long-awaited bike tour of the southern islands of Denmark, eventually ending up in northern Germany, where we will stay at a summer house with some dear German friends for a couple days. I’m guessing we’ll find an internet cafe or two along the way, so there …

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Aug 17 2005

Sailing report interrupted

I’ve been wanting to write about Sunday’s sail for days now but work has been completely crazy lately and by the time I get home I just don’t have it in me to sit in front of a another keyboard. But as of about 6:30 this evening, I’m officially "on vacation"…and suddenly the iBook is …

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Aug 16 2005

Is Elvis in the building?

I’ve been with my company long enough now that very few items on the cafeteria lunch menu surprise me anymore. I’m told by my colleagues that the food, which is brought in everyday from a local hotel restaurant, tends to lean toward ‘typical Swedish institutional’. And given that there’s very little that’s typically Swedish about …

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