Aug 08 2005

Finally folded and “flickr’d”

After months of resisting the urge to jump on this photo-sharing juggernaut, I’ve finally given in and switched my fotolog to Flickr.

I’d been dragging my feet about it because I actually maintain two fotologs…a public one linked/streamed to ShazzerSpeak and a password-protected one linked/streamed to the private on-line journal I keep for family and friends back in the United States. (This is at Dr. Darling‘s insistence…I could care less about who can see pictures of me, but my web-shy Swede doesn’t want identifiable photos of her and her family posted on a site that’s accessible to the general public.)

Naturally it was just more convenient to have both of my photo-sharing pages hosted by the same service, and I have been quite happy with BuzzNet for this purpose. But Flickr is, as advertised, much easier to use in general and super blog friendly in specific, so I always figured I would end up there eventually. Plus they’ve got some really fun "bells and whistles" to play around with.

But I was purposely delaying the move until their privacy settings included some way to restrict public access to photos without making everyone in my family sign up for a Flickr account. That hasn’t happened yet, and as near as I can tell, password-protection isn’t offered on premium accounts either, which makes me doubt that it’s a development priority for freeloaders like me.

So ShazzerSnaps has been relocated to Flickr, and my private fotolog will remain with BuzzNet for the time-being. I just hope I can keep the URL’s, usernames and passwords straight!

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